Fashion Travelogue: Vermilion Gathered Top

Jamie Lau Designs Vermilion Gathered Top 1

Dramatic sleeve with volume in cotton jacquard

Last weekend, I went to The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. As you may know, I love color and it was the perfect weekend inspiration to kick off spring. The exhibition was beautifully designed and featured both classic and modern orchids.

It was the perfect day to wear my new Vermilion Gathered Top, which I designed in a textured Swiss cotton jacquard fabric. One of my favorite color combinations is a red with a little bit of orange in it mixed with a nice pop of blue (think the look and feel of Jean-Luc Godard’s La Chinoise).

Jamie Lau Designs La Chinoise 1

Film still from Jean-Luc Godard’s La Chinoise, 1967

Jamie Lau Designs La Chinoise 2

Guillaume and Véronique, played by Jean-Pierre Léaud and Anne Wiazemsky

When I first saw this fabric, I immediately thought “dramatic sleeve” given its nice texture and body. I styled the top with a pair of blue linen polka dot pants this past weekend (I will definitely be packing this outfit for Japan as well.)

Jamie Lau Designs Vermilion Gathered Top 2

Color everywhere in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory

Here are some snapshots of my favorite finds at the botanical garden.

Jamie Lau Designs NYBG 1

Prayer plant – lush green and full of textural inspiration

Jamie Lau Designs NYBG 2

Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ – this bromeliad is even more beautiful in person

Jamie Lau Designs NYBG 3

Neoregelia “Jampa” – some intensely colored leaves

Jamie Lau Designs NYBG 4

Afternoon sunlight hitting the Wicked “Red Head” orchids

Jamie Lau Designs NYBG 5

I am in love with these orchid wall hangings

Hop over to the Britex blog for my latest article on how to sew set-in sleeves using this top as an example in my tutorial. Stay tuned for the next installment of Fashion Travelogue!

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